Can I buy the GTX1650 graphics card now?

August 23, 2022 0 Comments

In terms of games, GTX1650 is still the current entry-level graphics card, basically all 3A masterpieces can run smoothly at 1080P medium and low quality.

For advanced online games such as Genshin Impact, Chicken Eater, and Fortnite, they can basically have higher picture quality and run smoothly at 1080P resolution.

This graphics card, for the game party, can be played in the realm, but if it is 3A, such as Skyline, control, etc., it may have to lower the picture quality. This may be too much, but I hope it will last for a long time. battle, a little difficult.

The second is productivity

Tested the mobile version of the 50W version (about 20% off the performance of the desktop version).

In the professional specviewperf test, although the results of this GTX1650 are not very beautiful, we can use it for editing video, PR, AE, etc., and we can make do with it.

The applicability of the cuda core is still very wide, and the requirements are not tall and deep, just like playing games, entry-level graphics cards.

In addition, for many productivity requirements, cpu occupies the core position, such as cad\adobe, 3dsmax, revit, etc. The graphics card provides down-speed for previewing, and the conversion format provides down-speed acceleration. The current fluency of the CPU is the key.

So, buy a 1650Super.