How about the GTX 1650 graphics card, can I still buy it?

September 26, 2022 0 Comments

Entry-level, but with its own highlights

  1. The maximum power supply capacity of the pcie slot is 75W. At present, the 75W graphics card 1650 is the strongest, and it does not require an external power supply, which is perfect.
  2. Not counting the nuclear display, the 1650 and 1660Ti are the best energy consumption ratios in the super network ladder list, with 118.
GTX 1650

A few years ago, this card GTX 1650 was only more than 800 yuan. Now this card is worth a lot of money. Now it is a 1800+ gold card. The actual measurement of this card is basically OK. After adjusting the parameters of the game screen, the game can usually be played. Have fun.

If you play PUBG in high-definition rendering mode, it can support about 70 to 80 frames, which is already very good, but I think the current mainstream Colorful 3060ti is more practical. Although it is a bit expensive, the price/performance ratio is still very high.

GTX 1650 uses 896 stream processors, 4G high-speed GDDR5 video memory, 128bits memory bit width, TSMC 12nm process, TDP power consumption is only 75W, the number of transistors: 4.7 billion, the core area: 200mm², Texture units: 74, Raster units: 32. Core frequency: 1485-1665Mhz. But there is no external power supply. Overall, this is a mid-to-low-end discrete graphics card.

Compared with the hot GTX950 at that time, the performance of GTX1650 doubled by 200%, compared with GTX1050 by 170%, and improved by 130% compared with 1050ti. In fact, its super version 1650 super is also a very good graphics card.