Should you buy Ethereum before The Merge?

November 22, 2022 0 Comments

In 2022, seven years later, Ethereum has become the second largest cryptocurrency and is certainly experiencing scalability issues. In late 2021, at the peak of the bear market, transaction costs on the Ethereum chain were consistently above $10. Fees for complex transactions at the busiest times even reached several thousand dollars in some cases.

Luckily, Buterin and the rest of the Ethereum developer community were able to see this coming from a long way away and have planned to fix the problems. This is the purpose of The Merge: a big step towards the overall goal of optimizing the Ethereum chain.

The Merge could have several impacts on the price of ETH. If The Merge goes well, the price could go up. If it ends poorly, then the price may go down. The Merge could already be priced in and not much would change after the actual event.

It’s also possible that ETH crashes even if The Merge goes through without a hitch if the community’s expectations are too high. So far, it seems like the Merge was a resounding success with no major issues.

Your personal verdict on buying ETH after The Merge is mostly reliant on how much benefit you think it provides to users.