The 1650 has the lowest performance in the latest generation of graphics cards, but compared to the previous graphics cards, it is still a graphics card with strong performance.

Because he has already caught up with the GTX780, thinking that the GTX780 was also an unattainable graphics card for many people. The picture below, if you don’t zoom in, the red frame is 1650, so it is in the position, in the entire ladder diagram, it belongs to the position that is a little higher than the top quarter.

So in fact, most of the single-player games on the market can be played very well, but the new games may not be very good.

At 1080P resolution, the chicken can also be stabilized to more than 60 frames, which is still quite strong. Of course, if you use a 2K screen, the frame rate will be lower. But the power consumption is low.

1060/1660/1660ti is basically 40 to 60% more performance than the above gear, dessert-level game card. At the earliest, the difference between 1050ti and 1060 was only 300 yuan, and the performance could be doubled.

Now the 1660ti may be 400 to 500 more expensive than the 1650. The mainstream game 1080p can run at full 60 pins, the old game can run at 144, and it can be played even if the configuration is all low. Going up is basically full-height/144/2k high-end gameplay, and it is not 500 yuan to buy twice the performance.

Due to the limited heat dissipation and power consumption on notebooks, basically the 1650 is the mainstream choice. If you can get 5k/6k, the price will be much more expensive. It is suitable for non-gamers with a large budget and people who don’t know what graphics card to buy.