What is mining?

August 29, 2022 0 Comments

Mining is a colloquial term for the mining of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Mining Bitcoin is like solving a math problem, the first to get the answer is rewarded accordingly. Therefore, the whole process of solving and verifying is called mining, and the equipment that assists in cracking the digital answer is called mining machine. …

What is an invalid block?

August 26, 2022 0 Comments

Invalidity is not rejection. Invalid blocks mainly appear when mining ethash algorithm currencies such as ETH. The main reason for invalid blocks is excessive overclocking. Mining BIOS You may need to change the BIOS parameters for adjustment, or use software overclocking after flashing the original BIOS. Original BIOS Usually the memory frequency is too high, …

Can I buy the GTX1650 graphics card now?

August 23, 2022 0 Comments

In terms of games, GTX1650 is still the current entry-level graphics card, basically all 3A masterpieces can run smoothly at 1080P medium and low quality. For advanced online games such as Genshin Impact, Chicken Eater, and Fortnite, they can basically have higher picture quality and run smoothly at 1080P resolution. This graphics card, for the …

What kind of graphics card is the GTX 1650?

August 15, 2022 0 Comments

The 1650 has the lowest performance in the latest generation of graphics cards, but compared to the previous graphics cards, it is still a graphics card with strong performance. Because he has already caught up with the GTX780, thinking that the GTX780 was also an unattainable graphics card for many people. The picture below, if …

1650 hashrate and overclocking parameters

August 12, 2022 0 Comments

1660 computing power and overclocking parameters Mobile users click on the “sidebar” to switch the article list Set point Ensure enough virtual memoryFor more tips, refer to “Recommended Settings” in the software “Help” Overclocking is recommended *The hashrate of some brands of Hynix can be 24 ETC and ETH