The merger of Ethereum 2.0 is completed, and there is no fluctuation in the disk

September 29, 2022 0 Comments

On September 15th, Beijing time, at 14:42 pm, the first pos block 15537394 of Ethereum was confirmed. The gas cost of this transaction was 36.8ETH, and the Ethereum merger was completed.


From the perspective of the lending market, the interest rates of several lending markets have reached an astonishing 190%, that is to say, the interest rate of ETH borrowed by pledge is nearly double the previous rate. Nearly 1.1 million ETH came out, with a value of more than one billion US dollars. At the same time, in the data on the chain today, there are almost 1.2 million ETH transferred into the exchange. We do not know the specific whereabouts of these ETH.

It is known that, on the one hand, it may be based on candy, and on the other hand, when the market is declining, it may cause a greater impact on the disk.The financial market itself is a game market. All long-term positive events will only usher in prosperity in the short term after a wave of baptism.

Before the merger, in order to have candy airdrops, many users held Ethereum at a cost of more than $1,700, and then pledged it. At the same time, they opened a huge short position in the futures market.

Judging from the K-line, the current price is basically coming to a mid-term bottom, and there is not much room to hit down, but the Fed’s interest rate hike meeting will be ushered in next week. Will the market be hawkish again?

We don’t know the sound of it scaring and causing panic, but judging from the current situation of the disk and the depletion of funds, the market currently needs an exciting news to mobilize market sentiment and capital liquidity.