What is an invalid block?

August 26, 2022 0 Comments

Invalidity is not rejection. Invalid blocks mainly appear when mining ethash algorithm currencies such as ETH. The main reason for invalid blocks is excessive overclocking.

Mining BIOS

You may need to change the BIOS parameters for adjustment, or use software overclocking after flashing the original BIOS.

Original BIOS

Usually the memory frequency is too high, appropriately reduce the memory frequency to reduce invalid blocks.

In practice, in addition to overclocking, card tray and extension cable failure or aging, motherboard slot failure, can also cause invalid blocks, in any case, overclocking is a priority.

As a comparison, the following figure lists the effects of the mine version BIOS and the original version BIOS.

There are three obvious effects: it solves the invalid block problem of GPU3, improves computing power, and consumes less power.